Thursday, April 20, 2006


a. I have a janitor-sized ring of keys. I sit in the middle and spin. Recently, I've been playing with Crosstide. They are going through some ch-ch-ch-changes, and I guess I'm helping to turn and face the strange.* I'm humbled and flattered that they would ask me to sit in with them.

b. A-WOL Dance Collective has choreographed an entire 2-part program, based on music I've written. They'll be dancing (translated: moving in ways I couldn't hope to, hanging from suspended hoops, and climbing/falling from ribbons) while I play live at the Winningstad Theatre on May 5 and 6. Our gang of musicians will include Graeme Enkelis, Andy Uppendahl, and Bret Vogel. The theatre has 3 tiers, but is super intimate.

c. Does anyone know what the Crystal Ballroom has to do with precious gems? Is it named after my sister? Was it formed from the rubble of a quartz quarry. (Oooh, new favorite phrase! We queried our quarried courier in the quartz quarry!) Anyway, I'm opening for Bassboosa (a U.K. band with an equally mysterious name) on May 9th.

d. Knrk94.7fm and Kink102fm have both played some BF tunes, but will probably stop unless masses of sexy women accost the DJs. Or men, depending. Just kidding. Maybe.

e. I think I may have appendicitisssss.

That's all for now, I guess. Oh, except that we also have a Neverland show soon approaching. For those of you in the know, this will make you want to scream.


* "strange" may very well = "strain." I've never figured it out for sure...