Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I purchased a black knit hat at a Flying J truck stop, somewhere in N Washington. It is cold.

We slept on the east side of Spokane on the banks of Lake Liberty, which supposedly freezes over completely in the winter. I dreamt that I was a famous Potato Chef, and--in a national contest--I burned the potatoes. Now it is early morning and the sun is pretty amazing, rising over this lake. I could go for some potatoes.

I am out for a week with Crosstide. Tonight we play Billings, MT, I believe. I'm pretty sure the gig is a men's club. No problem. No problem. I'll be back in Portland for a show the day after Thanksgiving, which means I will have to cut short my giant day of OUTLET SHOPPING. Sorry LL Bean.

I will try to better keep everyone updated on my life. I've been slacking, but it's only because my jeans are in the wash.

Erick Alley: faithful Timber Army member and supporter. Matt Henderson: pioneer and cancer research donor.