Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year Resolutions

1. carve tiki god

2a. learn to play raquetball
2b. buy court shoes and raquetball goggles
2c. organize and win a raquetball tournament

3a. bury (dead) pig in a bed of coals, cook and eat him/her
3b. drink tiki drinks while eating tiki pig
3c. hang out on porch in the sun with tiki god
3d. make this last for a whole weekend (week preferred)

4. go to dentist

5. go to Japan

6. get mohawk

7a. release Each Other (album 3) in March
7b. tour beaverton, tualatin, and portland office spaces,

. playing for cubicle-imprisoned employees
7c. finish The Crunch (album 4) by November

7d. find alternative title for The Crunch shortly thereafter

8. go to Starbucks 0 times

9a. attend beekeeper's association meeting
9b. wear beekeeper's suit and tend bees

10. visit old friends

11. run half marathon