Tuesday, July 4, 2006

independence day

last night Crosstide played the Spaceland. we had a great time and everyone sweated in their shirts and patted each other on the back a lot. some people clapped, which was nice. afterwards, we high-fived. i think we should be a soccer team. in terms of hipster uniformity, the only thing we really hold in common right now is that we all wear shorts and wish that it wasn't so hot. good god, Los Angeles. if angels are really this hot i think i might as well not worry about Hell.

van rides with matt, rian, bret, and erick work relatively well, thus far. we spent a good two hours playing "hey, guess what i'm thinking." one time, bret was thinking of Zoroastism. it took a while to guess that.

this morning, at 11am, we wound up at an irish pub, watching the Germany/Italy world cup match, and doing everything else that you do at an irish pub. well, maybe not EVERYTHING. 4pm rolls around and a giant nap sounds good. really good.

i need to catch a flight back to Portland tomorrow. i'm trying to decide whether i should pony up and schedule a cab to the airport or rely on the boys to get me there in time. by 6am. if you think this latter plan sounds entirely reasonable and doable, consider that you are talking about 5 dudes who got up early today to go down the street and drink beer and watch soccer. and by early i mean 11am.

i'll be home for my show on the 7th, and while i'm there i will talk weddings with family members and friends, because they seem to be everywhere: weddings. only till the 9th. then i'm back in middle-earth-- that place not your home, but not not your home. want to live everywhere evenly? want to feel the same about yourself in the city or the country, east or west? me too. that's why i like being away. it's practice.

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